Free Health Coverage For All In The City Of Buenos Aires


It pays to browse the city website for information.

How can I access it? What documentation do I need to apply for coverage?


a. A resident of the City of Buenos Aires.
b. Not have health coverage of any kind.

Documentation required:

a. ID or proof of ID pending.
b. If present proof of ID pending: Evidence of ballot service in your name residing in the City of Buenos Aires or certificate of register by the Police, Social Worker of the village / ward or parish authority of the Village / District.

You have a head doctor in your neighborhood, 100% coverage on prescriptions, and free dental services.

Sign up at the hospital closest to where you live. List of doctors, dentists, and pharmacies to consult.


Thanks but no thanks I will pay for mine. I love being a properous producer that does not need hand outs. Espcially after seeing what is not covered in FREE health care.


Hmmm I might need to ditch OSDE for this.
Why, yes, it should fit your needs (and personal preferences) rather well.

If you ever need a colonoscopy you will discover that the "free" healthcare plan does not include the "chemical enema" that you would normally drink the morning of the procedure. Instead, they will blast your colon with a garden hose for a couple hours.

Neither does the plan provide a general anesthesia for this procedure, but you won't feel a thing. Before they begin they'll just ask you to inhale deeply as they give you a can of raid cockroach spray point blank.

And if they find any polyps they will cauterize them with a coat hanger in an extension cord tied to the end of a broomstick.


PS: Sometimes you get what you pay for. Sometimes you get what you deserve.


Jantango, the way you wrote it seems like only here is lije this (caba) and ut is thanks to Macri.

My 2 cents is go to Hospital de Clinicas that belings to UBA and they are foreigners friendly.