Friendless mexican lady!


Jan 27, 2010
So... I'm going to Buenos Aires to study a semester at the Palermo University and seeing that so far I'm a friendless newcomer it's time to introduce myself!

My name is Estibaliz, I'm a 23 years-old girl, born in Mexico city, raised by Spanish parents, educated in a British school (a bundle of cultrures indeed) and currently studying Textile Design. I've got many intrests, mainly art, design, fashion, music (anything from blur, radiohead and goldfrapp to flamenco, salsa... anything, as long as it's good!), travelling, reading, nighlife...

I'm looking forward to meeting people from all over the world since I believe knowledge comes from this, exchanging my spanish to practice my english and above all, to have a lovely life-changing experience!

So if you'd like to meet up with me in Buenos Aires don't be shy and send me a message :) I'm more than willing to meet up with any of you guys!


P:S: I also dance flamenco and would love to learn how to tango, so if you have any information on where I could take some lessons i'll be gratefull!
hi Estibaliz,
I can't comment very much on specific beginners tango lessons, as I had already learned to dance tango in Edinburgh before I moved here. However, I can say that I used to go to a tango practica which is open all day, where people sit around and drink mate in between practising their tango, and i think it's a great environment for beginners. There are always people there to help you, both beginners and experienced, and people progress much faster in that environment than when they go to a weekly class. The place is Estudio Dinzel and the address is Jufre 160 (near subte Angel Gallardo). Obviously, there are plenty of organised classes in town as well. Most milongas organise a class beforehand. The milongas that I enjoy, where I see a good level of teaching, are Villa Malcom (Cordoba between Serrano & Thames) on Thursday nights, and El Club Fulgor (Loyola 828) on Tuesdays and Saturdays. Lots of people start out at La Viruta, but the classes there are terribly busy and you get very little attention from teachers. However, if you're just looking to have fun and not take it too seriously, this may suit you. See the following websites for more info
can I suggest you look at my web page, worldtango.bravehost .com
Buenos Aires is full of 'tango teachers' and 'tango classes'. Dinzel is ok, but Viruta........well, depends what you want to learn, a modern facsimile of what tourists believe is tango?
Hola: mi nombre es Enrique, yo vivi en Toluca por 2 años y conozco Mexico bien.
Ahora estoy jubilado (tengo 65 años), pero salgo mucho a todos lados aqui.
Tambien tengo un amigo judio que enseña tango a los extranjeros a precios muy modicos(creo que el tambien tenia parientes allí en Mejico)
Si me necesitas llamame al 4687-1604.
Suerte Enrique
There's a ton of gypsies in buenos aires. Go to the tablao called Cantares and check out a show and ask around for their classes, they have a cultural center upstairs. it's on Rivadavia between 9 de Julio and Libertad. The shows usually start around 11 and run from wed to sun. thurs and friday are the best bets.
EDC- my posts are not mainly about getting wasted and fighting. Why don't you read the other 295 of them and see what I have said and check out some of the thanks I have gotten. In fact, I only made 1 post about how I would defend myself against a mugger. Do your research before you try to dis me. Seems most expats have this "thing" about being PC and sticks in the mud. You want to make jokes about wops and daygos I won't be offended.

I'm sure the op is a wonderful person and yes I can be a prick. I'll stick to hanging with portenos and you can stick with expats. I find the locals to be a lot more fun and a bit more thick skinned.

And that was a tame joke. I say much worse to my mexican friends, usually about over crowded housing and mowing lawns.
Arty, maybe your intention was not bad (different codes?) but let me tell you that your posting might be considered really offensive. And worst, it may hurt.
Honestly, I just couldn't believe my eyes.

Keep in mind that those kinds of jokes ouf of context sound totally different as they would if you made them to a friend of yours (and even in that situation, well...).

Please take my comments only as a means of bringing to your attention that someone might have felt hurt by your joke. It is not my intention to get into a heated debate.