Nov 26, 2009
I'm considering an extended trip to Argentina and in preparation for it have been reviewing the posts on this forum. I've always had excellent relations with the Argies I've none in the States and am facinated by their culture.

Are Americans generally welcome or unwelcome in B.A.?
As an Argie that lived here, in the US and Mexico, I can tell you that argies are the most anti-americans on the continent, even more than the mexicans.
However, this attitude is directed mostly to the US goverment, not to its people or tourists.
And if you come to live here you will find that almost everybody that speaks
English will be friendly to you, spcially in the jewish community here.
Good luck Henry
With the change of presidency last year, US americans are certainly more welcome here than during the Bush administration era, like everywhere else in the world ;)

Even after 2002, argentines still have an inflated national ego, and especially portenos, they are reknown all over the southern hemisphere for this. As long as you show yourself reasonably arrogant regarding political affairs, you should be fine. Actually they generally treat foreigners with more respect than they would do between themselves. Language barrier is one reason, curiosity another one, interest the last one for people working in the tourist industry.

If you start to relate with groups of argentines, you will be amazed how fast you will be accepted and integrated. Socializing is a favorite past time, since you have to queue up for pretty much everything. Try to get used to the bitter savor of mate and you ll make yourself lots of friends.
When Porteños see an American, bells go off and lights flash. I´ve never been robbed physically in the over 6 years that I´ve lived here, but the number of times that I´ve been ripped off could fill a book. Taxi drivers, my contractor who renovated my apartment, the owner of the best furniture store on Arenales,and on and on.
fred mertz said:
I´ve never been robbed physically in the over 6 years that I´ve lived here, but the number of times that I´ve been ripped off could fill a book.

haha! Yes, in my house, we call this lovingly the gringo in, "honey can you pick that up for me because otherwise they will charge me the gringo tax?" I think I've told this story on the forum but my old roommate from France went to rent an apartment and had an Argentine friend double check and recheck the posted price of 600 pesos for the room before the visit since she had experience the bait and switch prices. But when she got there and found out she was French, the landlord went on and on about how he loved French people, then said: "Oh 600 pesos, no no no, the price is 600 DOLLARS. It's not such a big deal if you earn in dollars, but if you start earning in pesos, it's a real problem. She earns little over 1400 pesos per month!

We are certainly more welcome now, but the remnants of the Bush years still have their effect. My boyfriend describes it as this, part Bush and part wider dissemination of information of US relations with the continent through the internet...but that before the Bush years, people had a much higher respect of the US, wanted to go and visit there more...Now, well, the opinion dropped like a rock.
hmm I don't think this "rip-off culture" is aimed at foreigners. People coming from the provinces are victims too...and so would porteños if they wouldn't take any action against it. The best defence is experience...someone like my father (over 60) knows all (or most) tricks and knows what to expect (far better than me).