Furniture and Appliances for sale!


Nov 24, 2008
Hi there

We’ve got some items, furniture and appliances, for sale, because my wife and me are moving away from Buenos Aires to Germany. All items are not older than 18 months and in very good working order and condition and were bought brand new.

Following is up for sale (prices fixed and in pesos):

1. Wooden Table and Chairs, rustic style incl. cushions – $ 600.00

2. Cordless “Panasonic” Telephone – $ 100.00

3. Queen-size bed and base – $ 1,000.00

4. “Patrick” Big Refrigerator with Freezer – $ 1,300.00

5. “Electrolux” Washing Machine – $ 1,200.00

6. “Eslabon” Microwave – $ 250.00

7. “Philips” Toaster – $ 70.00

8. “Philips” Coffee Machine – $ 100.00

Everything can be viewed and picked up at our flat in Belgrano.

If you see something you like or need, reply to the threat or send me a private message with your e-mail address, cell- or telephone number.
I could also e-mail some pictures of the items, if needed.

Thanks and best regards

Can you send me pictures of the table? Also, I need an office chair, one with wheels if you have one.
I'll send you a PM but am very interested in the phone & toaster. And perhaps the washing machine depending on how big it is. Are you free tomorrow?
Hi guys

Thanks for the replies to my add so far.

Something I have to make clear:

We are only moving out of the flat on 28th of February. Most of the items we still need to use until then. So the sentence "Everything can be viewed and picked up at our flat in Belgrano." means that the items can be picked up here until the 28th of Feb, but not too long before.

From Saturday 06.02. until Friday 12.02. I am not in town. So, for viewing things, you can only come after the 12th.

Also: The bed and base is actually a double. I measured 140x190x60cm.

Coffee machine and Microwave are sold.

That was that.

Cheers and hasta luego

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