Furniture Storage & Moving---Help!!!


Jul 28, 2009
This is my first post to any forum in my life. So here I go---We are looking for a storage locker for my furniture as we have sold our place and till we buy another apartment, we have to find storage for our things. I am not sure for how long because it will be up to our agent to find us a place that we both want.

We also need a good moving service and where do you buy boxs and packing material etc..

Would anybody know the rates charged? Is it possible to find a place that does not give you the expat special?

All help will be greatly appreciated, I will be down next week to start looking... the palermo area and surrounding area

JFD....the link below is to a company I am just beginning to work with....they were on the list here on the expats sight...and from what the review said about them, they move the Embassy employees.

Daniel has been very quick to respond to my questions via email and speaks English.

It's a start...and I am sure others here will give you suggestions of where to turn for help. Again, I haven't used this company, just in contact with them so far.

Best of luck!

**also if you go to the "Directory" tab on this site and then scroll down to "moving and storage" I believe...that's where I found this company.

Daniel Oviedo
[email protected]
Hey did you have any luck with finding storage? I may need the same thing..


Hi, I have to bring some stuff from Uruguay and was checking this website a couple of months ago:

They look quite serious, and they quote prices on their website, which is also in English.
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Thanks to everyone who have responded..Please do not stop--it is a great helpto me!!!