Future in Argentina


Jan 5, 2010
Well hello my expat friends. I must admit, in the first place, I´m not an expat, but an Argentine (my nickname probably gave me away).

Anyway, the point of this thread is quite strange: I´m conducting a research on how plausible would it be to implement in Argentina what is called "Christian Communism" (According to Wikipedia: "It is a theological and political theory based upon the view that the teachings of Jesus Christ compel Christians to support communism as the ideal social system).
Naturally, for that to happen, then people would have to be willing to share their goods, and feel prone to charity ;)

Why am I wondering about all these matters? Well, simply because there are some prophecies that say many foreigners will come to Argentina within the next few years (inmigrants expelled from their countries due to wars and famine) and a CC system will be born in this country.

I'd like to know, from a foreigner point of view, according to your experience, whether the average Argentine is selfless, selfish, selfcentered, has been helpful in any way with you guys... anyway, what's your point if view on this matter.

I understand this is quite an esoterical thread, but I'm dead serios about it.

Saludos a todos, Santiago.
luckily, the Argentines I've met are either christians but openminded or atheists.
There's scant hope for "Christian" communism in Argentina...a rather bizarre concept, to say the least, especially if you expect it to be implemented without the use of lethal force...which communism always entails.

Another military government would be more likely .

In case you don't know (throughout history, including Argentina's), generals are gods.

Let's pray neither prevail.
Christian communism? Try using those two words together where I come from... :eek:

I have no comments on the prophecies. I'd rather speculate on what Santa is going to bring me next year. But as far as Argentines, I don't think, in general, they are selfish. Instead, I would say that they are cautious and distrusting of others, especially when it comes to the handling of their money. A glance at Argentine history would explain this.
This system does exist, it s called christian democracy, it works fairly well in continental Europe (mainly France and Germany). But for the system to work, you need first to eradicate corruption. Uruguay,Chile and somewhat Brazil are following this path.

To eradicate corruption, you need more balance between the judicial, executive and legislative powers. If one of these powers is submissive to another, especially the judicial to the executive, corruption can go on unpunished. It is a very delicate balance. There is a forth power than takes more and more room, for its power to influence people s opinions : medias. Too much medias power leads to populism, if it gets too weak and is submissive to the executive power, democracy can t work well as well.

Once the government can be trusted, levying taxes becomes easier and the goverment gets more power to regulate discrepancies in the society.

I wish the scandinavian social democracies could be more influencial all over the world. Those countries are too small to develop a strong patriotic feelings, which leaves them less self centered with more long term policies (balance of power between sexes, development of green energies, efficient social systems, culture of dialogue between different social classes, intense fight against corruption...). They are not catholic, but chritians indeed in their majority and their structure.

But each medals has its backside, life can get sometimes fairly boring up there and drinking is very intense over week ends.:eek:
As long as the government is out of the communism, ie there is no force behind the communism and the communism respects free association. but, usually when people talk about communism, they are taking about gov. communism which is pure evil, as it is total force and slavery. Slavery and agression are not christian values. Examples of non-gov communism: churches, NOG's, Family units. those institutions are ok. but, government communism is the force and thus criminal.
Santiago, por que será que esto me suena a un capítulo de cha cha cha con capusotto en un arranque y/o delirio místico mezclando Solari Parravicini con el Padre Farinello?
Donde leíste esa teoría? Me interesa.
I would not be surprised of its success here in Argentina. Why? becausse we have a leaning towards anything that failed in the world before.
In the 50´s, Peron introduced here a form of neo-fascism, after it had been trounced all over the world.
Then there was in the 70´s here an idealization of Russian and Chinese marxisms.
The first one commited suicide after 70 years (they realized it never worked ,except for fighting wars).
The second one did not work either, the inmense mayority of red chinese living in extreme poverty. But they were saved by the Honk Kong chinese expatriats, who begun to teach them on how to make money with capitalism.
Since then, 300 million chinese were lifted from abject poverty.
By the way, the russians never have a pool of expatriats to lead them, and they are relapsing into authortarism again.
But you can rest assure that what it did not work in Russia, China, Cuba, Poland, Rumania, Hungary, North Korea, Yugoslavia, etc; the Argies will make it work.