Games Consoles in Argentina


Feb 9, 2010

Nice to meet everyone and sorry to bother you, I hope to move out to Buenos Aires in the summer from the UK and wondered whether my UK purchased Xbox 360 and Wii would work ok in Buenos Aires or if I should sell them and buy Argentine versions?

Thanks for any advice at all.

I have a wii from the uk - it works but only in black and white. There may be a way to fix this, but it doesn't bother me enough to do anything about it.
Yeh our play station was black and white too because the TV only had 2 of the 3 colored holes and no big long prong thing (no idea what its called!)

The electronics are so expensive here, there was even a completion I saw a while ago and the prize was a play station 2, the big fat version!
Another example is games that have been out in the UK for years are almost the same price as they would have been then.
You can obviously get new things but they cost an arm and a leg. But if you can afford it then it’s probably best.
If you have a TV that works with both PAL and NTSC, you won't be in any issue. Otherwise... yeah, you're going to get things black and white.

But don't buy the systems here. Worst case, order a US system to be shipped to you there and bring that.
I have a Japanese wii (got it before it came out in the USA) and an American PS3 and dont have a problem (but I need a transformer for the PS3).

Dont buy them here. It is ridiculously expensive.

Also you could bring a Wii or Xbox 360 and have it modded/chipped here and burn or buy burned games (not that Im endorsing that sort of thing).