General practitioner fluent in English...


Mar 17, 2009
Hi everybody. Could someone give me the name of a general practitioner fluent in English? I haven't taken out any private insurance policy yet and I need to see a doctor asap. I'm also gathering info so as to take out an insurance policy, which one would you recommend? Is it difficult to get one? Do they hire English-speaking physicians? Thanks a lot!
Hey, I would just recommend going to a private hospital if you need to see a doctor aleman has a lot of staff who speak english, and they will make you pay 100 pesos in the "guardia" to talk with a doctor.
Silvis, consider Hospital Británico as well. As the name indicates, all professional staff understand English (though I have spoken Spanish with them each time I've gone and had no problem with communication). I have only an American policy of medical insurance (not accepted at the hospital) but found the charges more than reasonable by both American and (I think) Argentine standards. Better, the quality of medical service was high.