General WiFi Access Availability?


Jun 16, 2009
How is the WiFi Access in the city? Are there many spots that offer free wifi? I'm wondering how a skype phone would work vs cell phone for business calls back to the states.

Also, most AROMA & VOLTA locations. There are plenty of FREE WiFi locations throughout town and others where you have to get a coffee or something. Some bars have it as well.

I have an iPod Touch and when I'm walking near a McD's or Volta, I often just step inside and check email and then keep on walking.

You'll find more places in the Microcenter, Recoleta, & Palermo than in other parts of the city. San Telmo should have some as well as Belgrano & maybe Villa Crespo, but the less touristy and affluent the neighborhood, I would expect the less frequently you will encounter WiFi (free or password encrypted).
personally i dont risk showing off my laptop in public. it might be something to think about these days.
diego7david said:
personally i dont risk showing off my laptop in public. it might be something to think about these days.

You should get one like mine, it is so old and battered, that theives run away so they won't have to rob me.:D
I have used SKYPE on my very old computer outside with their WIFI at (I think) Ciella, it is the corner cafe, on the left at Quintana/Junin facing the Cemetary. A great way to chat with friends and /or make business calls to the States. It costs $16.95 US for 3 months,pay w/credit card. You can call any landline or cellular, anytime day or night, including 800#s and there is also a dial pad to facilitate those horrible answering 1, etc. This SKYPE service provides unlimited time per call. Enjoy a cup of cafe con leche while making your calls.

I have a new WIFI D-link Xtreme gigabit router for my departmento, anyone want to volunteer to help me hook it up? I'm no techie, for sure.
Lee said:
Literally every restro/bar/coffee shop has wifi. This is a very wired city. I would recommend a small netbook for outings rather than your laptop. Just easier to carry around.

1) I'm hoping to get a netbook in late August/early September. (I might whip back to the States for a week or two.)

2) Las estaciones de subte (a.k.a. "subway stations")

I forgot to mention that the platforms at all of the subte stations are officially WiFi. I mainly use the B & D lines, but I think that I've found a signal on the C line as well.

It appears as "Subte-WiFi" or "WiFi-Subte". However, some platforms just don't seem to work. Or they take about 6 to 10 tries to finally whip into action. Still, it's nice to be able to check your email on your iPod Touch while waiting for a subte. Or during the 30-60 seconds that you are stopped at a station.
One of my coworkers brought up using where you pay $20 for the year and it comes with a number from a location in the US like 651 for St. Paul. The way it sounded offers unlimited calls to all over the US and Canada so if you have some kind of business going on back home or a lot of people you talk with back home, check it out.