Getting a cell phone in BA


Dec 29, 2007
Can anyone offer any advice on getting a cellphone in BA? I'm going to be there for at least three months, and don't think I'll have a permanent address for longer than a month at a time. What does it cost to rent a phone and do the pre-paid route? Is that even possible down there?
Hi Catman, a friend just bought a used prepaid phone with Movistar chip for 70 Pesos. Nothing fancy but at least noone's gonna steal it. You can also bring an unlocked phone and just buy the chip. With Movistar all you need is your passport number. Chips are also being sold right outside of Retiro, shouldn't cost more than 10 Pesos.
70 pesos? That's cheaper than I expected. My U.S. cellphone isn't unlocked, so I've got to leave it here. Thanks for the response!
"Catman" said:
70 pesos? That's cheaper than I expected. My U.S. cellphone isn't unlocked, so I've got to leave it here.
Thanks for the response!

Yip pretty much what desertrose says.....

When i first arrive i had my argentine girlfriend check out the possibility of me getting a contract line, but for a few reason this was a 'no go'. But for 150 Peso i picked up a nice pre-owned samsung cell phone, got connected to a 'pay as you go' type contract with movistar, top-up between from as little as 15 peso. I guess it will depend on how you use it, but im getting around maybe 2hrs-2hrs30 talk time off a 20 peso top up.
All i needed was an address of where i am currently staying and my passport which the girl took a photocopy of. Completed a form, activated my new cell chip and 10 minutes later i was away and able to use my new phone instantly...
bunch of useless twats.
CTI / Claro are the most helpful honest carrier around + best deals on talk time.
ha - i apparently got jipped ... if the sim card isn't supposed to be more than 10 pesos! i went with movistar (at a shopping mall) and paid 20 pesos for just the sim card. after reading this, i went into a movistar store and they said it was only 12 pesos. so it might vary where you go. also, the sim card will expire after 3 months is what i was told. hope that helps! (oh, and i bought my phone with me from NY - had it unlocked.)
sure it depends on where you buy the chip. some guys sell them on the trains for $ 5 incl credit of $ 30....
So I can get my phone "unlocked" down there? And then just buy a chip and some prepaid minutes? I'm bad with technology, but anyway it doesn't sound like this is going to set me back too much money.
I've an unlocked phone. Wherever I travel I just stop at the local mobile phone provider and get a prepaid SIM card with a local phone number. You can get your US phone unlocked if it's a GSM phone (T-Mobile or AT&T;). Just google "unlock phone" and you're likely to find websites that perform that service for a fee.

You can also find unlocked phones on
Catman,Also check with your current phone company. Sometimes they agree to unlock your phone if you've been with them long enough. If I am not mistaken, AT&T does it after 90 days of postpaid service contract.