Getting a job teaching English with weird hair


Mar 6, 2010
I'm moving to BA next month and hoping to get a job teaching English (I'm TEFL certified and all that). I currently have a purple streak in my hair, which has never impeded me from getting a job here in NYC but I'm wondering how people in BA view that sort of thing. I could grow it out, but I feel a bit odd without it. It's super cute and very tastefully done. Any opinions on this type of thing? Thanks!
pretty much anything goes here, to a certain extent. As long as you're dressing relatively conservatively the first time you meet people, no big deal. Once you gauge who the people are you're working with then you can judge whether you can dress / style yourself as you like or if you're going to risk a job.

Look around, you'll see that guys go to the office with long hair and piercings. It would be more like a face tattoo, not hair color, that would not make the best impression, but even Narvaez (political bigwig) has a tattoo on his neck that creeps up above his collar.

It's really just the first time you meet people that you might want to tone down a little just until you know what they're like, but hair color is no big deal whatsoever. It would be more like hair color + tonnes of face piercings + tattoos creeping out of your sleeves + working in a super conservative office would = not gonna happen.
thanks for the info! ... i don't have any facial tattoos or piercings or anything, so i think i'll be alright ;)
I'm not sure I agree with syngirl's post. Guys with long hair is normal here, but purple hair is not. My argentinian girl friends tell me that argentinians are very harsh at criticizing and openly yelling at some girl who is different. For example one told me that she tried to wear a hat on the streets once and truck drivers were stopping to insult her. If you look around, most girls look and dress almost exactly the same here.

Bookgirl, Args. are very conservative. Clothes here are a language - much as tattoos in primitive tribes, they signal a person's respectability, dependability, and worthiness. Looking traditional will get you more respect and better pay - "weird" hair may not get you stoned in the streets, but it won't get you hired, either.

When it comes to hiring, people will choose applicants they feel comfortable with, and that generally means like they look and dress like they do.

I'd say, cover your purple streak for now. Once your foot is in the door it won't make too much difference, but initially it will count as a strike against you.
If your not here already I would say go to any hair accessory shop and buy a few cute hair bands, not the alice band kind but the thick ones.

you can get some lovely lace ones and just plain black ones.

Then you can cover most of your hair and disguise it.

But buy them before you come because the ones here tend to be weird material and kind of hippyish with loads of colours.

A plain think hair band with a pony tail or bun especially black on dark hair is classy but doesn't scream I'm trying to hide something!
Why is this even a question? A professional appearance doesn't consist of having purple hair, or nose rings, or piercings in your face. I own a business here and like anyone, I judge people first on their appearance. It's a First Impression. You may be the messiah of english teachers, but your door may be shut due to the fact that i find it hard to take people with purple hair seriously.

Just die it before you get hired and once you have built up a rapport and feel comfortable, die it back. I don't think you need others' opinions to figure that out...