Getting ATM/VISA cards from the US


Jul 22, 2009
I am happy I found this forum. I will be staying in Argentina for the next 6 months and am writing to you because I have a question about receiving ATM/VISA cards from the US here. My ATM card will expire in August and I will need to receive its replacement. Has anybody gone through this and did you have any problems getting the ATM/VISA cards through Customs? Also, did you get the cards sent through regular mail/FedEx/other?
Thank you very much,
Did the same needed bank/c. cards from Canada....used Fedex 24 hrs arrived $75 cad...
my card was just stolen (welcome to BA) so I called Visa and was able to get a replacement within 72 hours...FREE! It doesn't look the same as my original but functions the same. This is the number for Visa if you're calling from Argentina:
and this is the number for FedEx
I highly recommend doing it this way- they took care of all the hassles for me...although it might be different since your situation isn't an "emergency".
I just received my card yesterday.

My friends had his sent via fedex and it was stopped in customs who imposed a 60 peso tax? This meant he had to return from Bariloche to collect it from BA.

I had my new cards sent (2 cards seperately) in normal envelopes, inside a greeting card by registered mail. It had be be signed for and both cards arrived without any problems.

Cost $8 USD

A bit risky maybe but worked no problems at all.
I have used the US post office before....Express Mail International....marked contents as mail I guess...can't was 30.00 dollars to mail and got here in 4 or 5 days...delivered to our door and had to be signed for....

**shipped in a large padded envelope

***Just called the cc card company and had cards sent to a relative and they mailed it for me. Need to set this up a couple of months in advance of the card they usually mail out 30 days or more in advance of the expiration date of your card.
I have had two cards sent to me either overnight or next day air. Once through my bank (bank of america) and once directly through VISA who supposedly will provide the expedited printing and mailing of your card ONCE a year free of charge.
My ATM/VISA card is sent to me by regular mail. I've never had a problem receiving it during all the years I've lived here. It can't be used until I call the USA and provide personal information to activate the card.

In your case, you may want to wait until the card is sent to your USA address before traveling or make a request to receive it early. It goes to your billing address. You could ask someone to check your mail at home and forward the card to you by regular mail.
I have had both debit and credit cards sent to my BA address by plain old regular mail and they have all arrived fine in standard letter envelopes.