Getting Cdi In A Week

Hi All,

Sincere apologies if this is posted in the wrong place. New member on baexpats, although I have been reading the forums for months.

I am planning my move to Buenos Aires in August. Was wondering if it would be possible to obtain a Certificado de domicilio and CDI within a week? Will be in town for about 7 days before starting a trek down to the South. Realize it might be a bit ambitious. Any experience from anyone here?

Thanks for all the helpful info posted by others.
My experience in getting your Domicilio is a little longer - you need the domicillio before you apply for the CDI - I was in BA for a week a few years ago - it took me 4 days to get the domicillio, and by then it was Friday afternoon - too late to make it to AFIP to get my CDI. I ended up hiring an attorney to do it for me - remotely. I had it in a day.
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You can get both documents in a few days, but the question is why do you need them?

Certificado de domicilio is served by the police at your place of residence. It costs only 10 pesos that you pay at your local police station. It proves that you live where you say you live for the residency process with migraciones.

CDI is an identification number for foreigners who want to buy property in Argentina. You get a CDI by applying at the local AFIP agency that corresponds to your Argentina address. It costs nothing, and make take an hour or so. You bring your passport and a photocopy of it, complete the AFIP form with your address, status, phone, and it's done. You receive a stamped copy of the form and another copy is retained by AFIP for their records. You can only apply at the agency corresponding to your current address.
Hi All. Update as promised: Applied for certificate of domicile on Wednesday. Went back today (Friday) and managed to get certificate of domicile and CDI in one go. CDI is at Afip and you need a copy of your passport. They keep the certificate of domicile, but give you a copy along with CDI. Next step would be a bank account...