Getting from Neuquén to BsAs with lots of luggage and given travel restrictions


Dear all, around the 10th of June we need to travel from Neuquén to Buenos Aires (leaving on a flight a week later), two adults, approx. 5 big suitcases, a Golden Retriever and a kennel. We don't know what the travel restrictions will be around that time (we'll probably need a special permiso as I doubt it we will get there before 6 pm) and a friend who was going to bring us had to cancel for personal reasons. I remember having seen some posts last year where people mentioned companies with drivers who offered this service for a reasonable price but I can't find the information anymore. Does anybody have any contacts that we can call to bring us to Buenos Aires? Obviously they will need to have minivans or something similar given the amount of luggage. Thanks a million for any info you can share.

on the brink

Found in MercadoLibre - Long distance service for pets, people, and luggage.
I used a similar service to bring my dog from Puerto Madryn, and it worked fine. Most mascot transports will also take people and luggage.