Getting green plants/monsteras/bamboos


Hi there!

I am searching to buy plenty of green plants , monsteras, bamboos for a house.
Could you recommend me a place/ greehouse (in or far from the Capital Fed, in Tigre?) where there is a big range of choice of the mentionned stuff?
Jumbo is ok though a bit pricey


The Agronomia on San Martin. My knowledge of green stuff hardly rises above distinguishing the wood from the trees; I have no idea what a monstera is and I wouldn't recognise a bamboo if it poked me in the eye


I love the selection of plants they have on sale at the Agronomia and often buy there for the home or for gifts (they'll wrap and deliver too, if you ask) even if I don't really know the names of the things I am buying. Prices are good too.


There is a good size green house on Scalabrini Ortiz not far from Cordoba (one or two quadras) heading toward Santa Fe. Otherwise you can try Easy. They had plants the last time I went, but that was in the summer. I don't know if they still have them.


I would go to Tigre as the plants there are much better priced - i bought a 10 foot palm tree there for half the price they were asking in the shop in scalabrini. The best priced place i found is opposite the gates to the mercado de frutas (the market where they sell furniture, not fruit) and they've got lots of exotic palms, bamboo etc. The place inside the mercado though is more pricey.


In Palermo you may look at glance to VIVERO (called Kadan) of Jardin Japones (Japanese Garden) , and if you can wake up very early, go to MERCADO DE FLORES (FLOWER MARKET) in Olavarria 3240 Barracas,Capital, you can go until 9 oclock (maybe from 6 am....= or on Thursday until 11 oclock, only on Saturday from 9 to 12.
There get together big suppliers of the flowers and green plants not only for the city and the provincia of Buenos Aires but also to the around Argentina.They are the best, freshest and cheapest in the country.


here is a set of websites of plant suppliers i dont know if they have what you are looking for. nurseries in argentina are way behind those of many countries in quality and in variety of stock.
faitful on puerrydon by cordoba is close to center of ba but like someone said prices outside of ba are better.

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