Getting Married In Arg As A Tourist


Hey again everyone!
I was wondering if anyone has any news about marriage between an Argie and a tourist.
I looked at the Registro Civil of Gobierno de la Ciudad and it only says that the couple has to show DNI.
I was under the idea that anyone could get married now and that a tourist could get married with only a passport and a migrations stamp and a residence as proof of where the person would reside as tourist for the little time they would stay in Baires.
Do any of you know anyone that got married in the last year or so? and if so, can you please tell me how they managed?
I called the Registro civil also and the lady told me the same, that both people getting married needed a DNI, and since I insisted, she said that all she knew was about DNI...

Thank you!


Unless there have been recent changes (very doubtful), there is no problem at all. The arg side brings DNI, the foreigner brings passport. Done.

If any incompetent bureaucrat (generally speaking a rarity in this country) makes problems, you pose a simple question: "No tengo documento, soy extranjero. Me esta diciendo que no posemos casarnos?" (I'm a foreigner, I don't have a DNI. Are you saying we can't get married?"). A higher-up at the office (a visit to the registrocivil in person prior to the ceremony is mandatory) should always be able to sort this out.

While on the subject of translation: One thing you should bear in mind is that unless you can demonstrate decent spanish skills on the aforementioned required visit, you will have to bring a translator to the ceremony at your expense. Find out about this.