Getting to


Jan 13, 2008
I have a friend, who just spent 3 days in Iguazu waiting for a bus to Lima (without success) and finally came back to Buenos Aires. She needs to get back to Bogota (her home), but the airfares are stupid -- more than US$1000 one-way.

Does anyone have any ideas? Bus, plane, everything is possible.

We were talking about the ups and downs of this just the other day here... I reckon your first move is to take a look at websites like this one.... and see what you think. Prices average around AR$500 one way - which is a little better than US$1000

PS How were they going to get from Iguazu to Lima? That would have been one heck of a combinación

PPS I meant to add that Ormeño also have a route from Lima to Bogata but whilst the web site is useful for reference, it's easier to talk to someone on the phone or down at their office in Retiro
Not such a stretch I wouldn't have thought? There are very regular buses from Iguazu to Asuncion and from there to La Paz and Lima.

Though after Lima my experience runs out.
Gol airlines will take her from Buenos Aires to Bogota for less than US$500.00