Girls and Women in Argentina


Jul 26, 2006
Let´s see this: I would like to hear you, men, saying what your opinion is about girls and women in Argentina, and how beautiful or ugly they are. Be honest! :)
You are kidding aren't you? I think this kind of question is known as an oxymoron which means there is only one answer and you already know it! ;-PI was there with my (now ex) girlfriend in 2003 and was always getting into trouble for my straying eyes. How did she see them through my sunglasses? Argentine, especially BA women take much pride in their looks and per head there is a very high proportion of honey to not so honey compared to anywhere else I've ever been!I just hope they like the fair skinned Scotsmen for when I get there in Oct/Nov this year!
Your topic and question is very interesing Bikini. I wonder what YOUR VIEW is?-
_Of course Argentine women are very attractive physically, but this may turn out to be a "double-edged sword" since their beauty tends to conceal their inner values or lack thereof. I find them to be shallow, childish and defensive no matter how cute or not they are. I am still trying to find an over 25-30+ woman that can act her age and not seem to be 8 or 12 years old, and who can seduce me with her inner beauty! Any qualifying woman out there?
ggringoBAman, I am a woman, but I think I agree with you. My advice is that you would need to choose an older woman in BA...LOL. Good luck!!
And for you, robster, let's get girls ready for Oct/Nov! LOL
And I assumed that this was going to be a post about whether women had to deal with much in the way of sexism in Buenos Aires, and, if so, the best ways to deal with it without disrupting the local culture.
Dear BikiniG, by the + after the 30 I meant all the way up to what you say!! I meant that apart from the expected doubts we can all share anywhere around the world, for younger women up to 25 or 30, EVEN the older ones still are so immature here! Local women seem to never cut their "umbilical chords". I see grown intelligent beautiful women, making lifelong decisions based on their own mother´s and father´s opinions or needs. (mostly mother´s I gather). As expats, we may have a hard time making this out because it´s so unexpected and unheard of in our original cultures. I´m relieved you basically agree, though.
What kind of lifelong decisions are the locals here making based on their mother´s mandate?? I´m intrigued :)
My EX-Argentine girlfried (41yrs) had her 80 year old father call her at 7 am to make sure she was awake to arive for her work on time. Ironically (to Nashorama) I lived in Utah for 15 years, but in Park City....Now I have girlfriend (27yrs)from Uruguay and the fact that we are BOyH foreighers (though she does have the DNI)is a better situation...she cannot hold the fact that I am a FOREIGNER over my head....


To be fair, (or unfair, really doesn't matter), you need to explain the difference of living in Park City, Utah, for fifteen years compared to living anywhere else in Utah, (with the possible exception of the City of Price). BTW: Just heard on CNN International that the head of the FLDS, who has been on the FBI's top ten list for the last few months, was arrested outside of Las Vegas. FLDS is one of the more bizaare realities of The State of Utah, (or Ewetaw, as many locals spell it). But that's a subject best directed to a completely different web site or clique of sites.

As for the women in Argentina and especially those in BsAs, I find them reasonably pleasant, intelligent, and genuinely friendly.

Yes LIFE IS GOOD in BsAs. It's a subjective thing. It is also an art.

Wishing you all the calmest of blue oceans, (repeat several hundred times),

My view might be a bit tinted at the moment, but here we go:My Argentinean girlfriend of 4,5 months broke up with me just 2 weeks ago. When I met her we were very in love and she send my text messages with many "Te Amo"s and claiming I was the love of her life, until 4 weeks ago. When we had 4 months she wrote me a small note saying I changed her life and if I would please stay with her forever and we were talking a lot about living together. I was working on this by trying to find an acceptable apartment at an acceptable price (mission impossible, I need not explain) and starting my own English school, which is running quite well after just 2 months. Also I was learning Spanish and I tried to be with her as much as I (and she) could. Then 3 weeks ago she didn't want to meet me one night, claiming she was tired and busy. Then next night the same, but with the added message she was "thinking" about our relation. After a week waiting she wanted to talk to me, but she wanted to meet in a bar and broke up immediately. I talked her around and after 3 hours we were together again for the night, but the next day she send my a txt she really wanted to end and she never came back on this decision. She claimes she needs time alone, wants to have more experience before having a serious relation and that she just doesn't like me anymore. Fair enough, but knowing how desperately she always wanted to be with me, be serious with me and how she showed she really loved me, the last 4 months, I find all this very hard to believe. I cannot believe someone can have her emotions changed so drastically in just 2-3 weeks time... Well, I have heard that Argentinean women are passionate (true with love), also in decisionmaking. Furthermore they can be hysteric and maybe a bit unreliable. So, this is my experience so far with Argentinean women, very sweet (because I had the best love ever with her), but with a unexpected, bitter ending. After she broke up with me, I realised that I love her a lot more than I thought, that I also have made some mistakes (like not showing her enough how much I loved her and complaining about my life in Argentina and having backup plans in the back of my mind) and that I want her back. I am just not sure if and how I can get her back (having no other experience with Argentinean women), so any tips on this are very welcome...Saludos from a sad backpacker/expat...