Going back to BA


Jun 21, 2005
Hi guys,

This is not my first post, but I realized that I've never introduced myself.

My name is Gabriela (a.k.a Gaby) and after almost 3 years living in New York I'm going back to Buenos Aires in a little more than a month.

My husband and I are Argies, we have a 2 year old american boy and are now our first Argentine child for January.

If I'm happy about going back home? Tricky question... I got used to living here, having lot's of friends and being able to enjoy my son since birth. But on the other hand, I miss my family, my friends and the quality of life we had there.

In Buenos Aires we have an apartment in Caballito, does anybody know that barrio? It seems everybody lives in Recoleta, Palermo or Belgrano.

Well guys, I will love to meet you once settled down in BA. And if anyone has a child around my son's age and is interested in meeting once a week, check my post in the Women Forum.

PS: Is there a way to check the spelling in here? I'm sure I have plenty of mistakes. LOL.