Going rate for English tutoring


Aug 27, 2009
I am in Buenos Aires for a period of about eight months and am tossing around the idea of supplementing my spending money here by offering one-on-one English classes. I have some professional experience, but not the official certificate.

Anyone know what the going rate is for native English teachers giving such classes? Where to advertise?

Hi Jessi! I would say currently the average you can charge anywhere between 25 and 40 pesos per hour. Of course you could charge even more or less but thats pretty much the average range. Best advertisement is word of mouth! But if that doesn't get the job done for you try all the classifieds pages there are online. you could always try the newspaper, but you have to pay for that... so I would try the online classifieds first, it may work.
I don't think I have the nerve to even try this but, when I'm shuttling in and out of Retiro on the LSM and these guys are pacing through the carriages shouting 'Panchos, Bebidas, Biromes, DVDs' I've wondered what it would be like to stand up and shout 'English Lessons' and go around handing out flyers. Heck - I don't even teach English but I'd love to see the expression on the other passengers' faces.
I second KatherineAnn's average rate. You can also try posting signs in places like gyms, universities, cultural centers, high schools, etc, depending on what kind of students you want to have (adults, teenagers, children).