Going to be selling a bike


Dec 18, 2009
Hi folks,

(I hope it's okay to post this here - if not, please let me know)

I'm selling my bike when I leave Bs As April 15. It's treated me well, I bought it about a month ago and it's made the city a lot more fun to traverse and explore!

I bought it second hand from a neighbourhood bike shop. It's an old one-speed Bianchi-built city bike, with a newspaper rack on the back, a kickstand and a really solid old-school metal bell. It's got a bouncy seat too.

I'm asking 350 pesos, and I'll throw in the cable lock I bought for it as well.

Please feel free to ask any questions you might have in this thread or in a PM.


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Well, scratch that. Bike got stolen today. Left it parked for a few hours and when I got back someone had twisted the cable lock off with a broomhandle.
Sorry your bike was stolen before you could sell it.

From what I hear, cable locks aren't much good in BA. U-shaped Kryptonite locks work better.
cable locks aren't much good anywhere, but the u-locks i found seemed a little too pricy for a temporary setup. wish i'd brought mine from home, but they're heavy and i wasn't sure i'd use them. ohhhh well. lived. learned.
Thanks. It's not the first thing I've had taken from me either. I left a shirt in the change room at a gym in Las Cañitas and only realized my mistake after class. It was pretty funny having dinner with a friend in Las Cañitas afterwards in my sweaty Capoeira shirt!

That said, I've also experienced the other extreme: I had several drinks one night and left my bag (which contained some valuables) at a nearby bar. I only realized my folly in the morning, and the staff found it and kept it for me, for which I'm very grateful.

I should probably give props to Ladran Sancho in Almagro for the excellent service :) And as a friend said: this is why I can't have nice things.