Good Evening From South Coast Nsw Australia


May 8, 2014
I will be in Palermo from the 15th to the 20th of June and would love to meet up with someone who could show me a little of 'their' BA. Unfortunately I have proven to be a hopeless Spanish student so I expect to fumble around, which will be fine. However the World Cup will be in full swing and am sure there will be fun to be had. Any suggestions would also be much appreciated.

Your post seems to have gotten lost for several hours and is now buried beneath a lot of stuff you should probably not read. While I am the not the kind of person you or anyone would want to spend time with, I am just bumping this for the benefit of others.
Don't read it at all. Take pauper's advice seriously. Maybe you can say a little more about yourself?
Yes ok thanks for that.
Well About Me.
Im a 43 year old Special Education Teacher traveling to Sth America for the first time. My perfect day whilst on holidays would include a mid morning walk to check out the city followed by some excercise (run or weights or swim) and lunch. Then more sightseeing and find a good bar or bars to meet others to watch/absorb the world cup with numerous beers and all the good things that BA offers.
I really dont need a chaperone but maybe someone to recommend a few places or foods or whatever to try and if we could meet up for a drink goodo. I have read the guidebook but I am sure there is heaps more to this city than what appears in there.