Good gym in or near Congreso?


Jul 19, 2009
I checked out a gym which was a block from my apartment in Congreso and was told it was $290 pesos monthly! I do not want to buy into a year membership but would like to be able to use a gym somewhere nearby for a reasonable rate on a monthly basis.

Any suggestions or recommendations?

Thanks again.
Not sure if Once (Balvanera) is too out of the way for you, but there is a place I go to called Keltia on Bartolomitre 2546. I think an all-inclusive (pool, sauna, gym, classes) monthly package is about 150p.

Keltia is very nice. I live in Balvanera/Once as well, and I was deciding between Keltia, and Ateneo (Riobomba 185) I finally decided on Ateneo. It has 6 stories, a pool on the top floor with a roof that opens up, a full pilates room, a huge spinning room, a rock climbing wall, and my favorite a filtered and chilled water fountain. It is 300/mo if you join monthly, but if you join for 3 months it is 180/mo (540 pesos total) I think monthly was a little more than 150 at Keltia, but is 150 if you join for 3 months or more. I also wouldn't mind a gym partner = ) Good luck on your search.