Good Selection of English Books - For Sale -


Feb 28, 2010
My wife and I drove from Canada, and now we have a car load of English books to unload - the start of the list of books if anyone is interested.

• Paul Theroux - The Old Patagonia Express $30 pesos Sold!
• Nick Cave - And The Ass Saw The Angel $25 pesos
• Herman Hesse - The Fairy Tales Of Herman Hesse (translated by Jack Zipes) $50 pesos Sold!
• Isabel Allende - Inés Of My Soul (brand new) $50 pesos Sold!
• Liza Dalby - The tale of Murasaki $20 pesos Sold!
• Diana Gabaldon - Voyager $20 pesos Sold!
• Wilbur Smith - River God $10 pesos Sold!
• Dennis Lehane - Shutter Island $25

Also we have some pretty current English Guide books

2009 Lonely Planet - Chile (the latest edition) $40 Sold!
2008 Footprint - South American Handbook (84th edition) $25
2007 Lonely Planet - Bolivia, 9th Ed. (the latest edition) $25
2006 Lonely Planet - Mexico, 10th Ed. - second most current edition $25
2005 Lonely Planet - Argentina, 5th Ed. - second most current edition $25
I would like to buy:
2008 Footprint - South American Handbook (84th edition) $25
When/Where can I pick it up? Muchas Gracias!
Are there many more? I'd be really interested in the full list if you wouldn't mind sending it!
Wait a minute.......You drove from Canada?
Hey Ashley - yes we have quite a few more books but are still reading some of them - I'll let you know when I have a new bunch to sell.