Good stylist and place to get pedi and mani - bilingual?


Jul 19, 2009
Hey Gals,

Coming into BA after a long long driving trip (from Canada to Ushuaia)! I need a hair cut badly... my spanish is ok but I would like to be able to communicate in English just to make sure we are on the same style page. Can anyone reccommend a stylist or a good salon...costs??

And, I am hoping to get a mani and pedi. Recommendations? And what prices am I looking at?

Thanks gals,

My argentine friends all go to Cerini, Marcelo T 1471,

It seems to be the "place to be" for all the young. I went there with my daughter and it is indeed a very trendy place. I have no idea how many people work there but I'd say 20 or 30... I am sure someone speaks English.
You should go there if not to get your hair/nails/done then just to look at people.

The people that leave the place look good. My daughters hair was cut well (but that is not hard she has long hair and just had to get the points off).
Ryan. He's Canadian, fluent English, & a great stylist. phone #15 3050 2076.
For a manicure / Pedicure I recommend Nailing on Jorge Newbury. Anna (owner) speaks English. I know she usually works on Friday and Saturday but isn't their on Wednesdays. Manicure is 30 pesos (pricey for BA) but it’s more of a full-service place with paraffin wax or exfoliation to start.
Thanks everyone...

Mini - does Ryan charge a lot? Or is it reasonable?
I think Ryan is charging around 90 pesos for a cut which is quite expensive by Argentine standards but reasonable if willing to pay US prices while in Argentina.
Going to a mid range salon seems to cost around 45-60 pesos for a cut but note that here they charge separately to wash, style, etc.
Ryan's great. Go to him. It's around 100 if you get a cut and a blow dry. around 85 for a dry cut. It's worth paying the little bit extra to get a cut you're happy with. I'd scrimp on the manicure since that's not permanent :)
kels said:
Thanks everyone...

Mini - does Ryan charge a lot? Or is it reasonable?

Hi kels,
I've only gone to him here in BA but I have a feeling he's not the cheapest. I have long thick wavy hair which he spent a long time blow drying straight. I think it was about AR$120. Since I don't cut it very often, it was certainly worth it.
Bad haircuts make me really mad! So I say he's definitely worth it.
Thanks Mini! I have long hair too and want a bit cut off (the ends need to go) and get bangs again. And bangs are tricky so I want someone who will do what I want not what they want.

I will try emailing him.