Graduate From Top Australian University Seeking Job


Mar 28, 2016
Hi there,

I am a graduate of a double degree in Commerce and Arts from the University of Sydney. I have taken a career break to live in Buenos Aires for 1-2 years and am currently living in the city. I am looking to find some paid work which can supplement my living expenses. I am a native English speaker with a very strong command over grammar.

My experience lies in:
  • Management consulting (worked for a leading global firm)
  • Writing in a commercial context (production of documents for business reporting purposes)
  • Writing in a creative context (varied, inquire for more info)
  • Research in an academic context (completed honors)
  • Personal tuition (ESL)
  • Sales (varied, inquire for more info)
I am open to all opportunities so if you know anyone who would have potential opportunities for me I would greatly appreciate it if you get in touch. I am happy to provide a CV and references.
are you a fluent Spanish speaker?

do you have a DNI?

Unfortunately nobody cares too much about what degree you have here, the above two aforementioned are essential to put a degree to work.

Otherwise, you may find work in an expat startup or teaching english/bar work.
Contact the Australian Consulate in BA and ask for a list of Australian businesses established in BA. Contact those outfits and express your desire to work for them locally. Only Aussie businesses may want to obtain a work permit for a person that has no local XP and no command of Spanish . They may value the Australian XP. IMHO