Great Computer Repair Company!!


Just wanted to share some information on an honest, fairly priced and skilled computer repair company here in BA.

Gabak Technologies

*above is the link to the translated page.

The owners name is Gabriel and he is wonderful!! Even came over on a Sunday to help me out with an issue! He speaks English well and is from the Belgrano area.

He will do single repairs or even has an annual contract you can do for montly maintenance and repairs.

I wouldn't hesitate to call him again for any issues!!!


I also have a name of an excellent IT Technician - His name is Oscar Gallo and he has been working with IT companies like IBM for many years. He can help with basically anything computer related! He's honest, hard working, and he charges very reasonable prices.
He's fluent in both English and Spanish and lives in Recoleta but usually will make house calls.
His email is and phone number is 15 6496 5535