Great Dog Looking For Lots Of Space


Mar 10, 2012
Hi everyone! We are selling our house and moving to an apartment. Our wonderful dog, Pia asked if she could move to the country instead :). We couldn't agree more so we are looking for someone who has a farm and would like to have a great dog. She is pure-bred Italian Corso with papers, 6 years old, and is about 65View attachment 4292View attachment 4293View attachment 4294 lbs. She really is a fabulous dog. She sleeps in the house during the day and patrols our property at night like a sentry. She is trained to take cues from us about people coming to the house and if we are friendly with them she is friendly as well. If not, she stays on guard. She plays well with other dogs that she knows but she is aggressive towards unfamiliar dogs. She loves cats and tolerates ours climbing on her and she is fantastic with small kids and babies. If you know someone who has land where she can run and is looking for a dog like her please let me know. If we can't find a good home for her we will not adopt her out.

All the best,




Oh what the hell bring her over, she'll be more than happy here, plenty of room to run and plenty of unfamiliar dogs and bandidos to attack, my only concern is how well she will get along with my not so brave dog(female) as she is the queen of the ranch. ;)