Great domestic peanut-butter at Wal-Mart.


Great domestic peanut-butter at Wal-Mart.For you peanut-butter lovers tired of paying dearly for imported peanut-butter, Wal-Mart has a brand called Dame Mani, it comes in creamy or crunchy and it’s made here in Argentina. The price is 14 pesos; it tastes GREAT and does not contain hydros. To find the Wal-Mart nearest you in Buenos Aires go to


I've noticed that women always crave peanut butter more than men. I don't know why, but it's true. My British (female) housemate got all jumpy when I gave her Skippy (from Jumbo) for her birthday and I didn't even think about asking for one sandwich out of it.
Good news for those lacking a "y" chromosome.