Great holiday in Buenos Aires

Clifford Bristow

Jan 15, 2010
We are just completing a 5 week holiday and have enjoyed the city, restaurants, weather, and streetlife. For those complaining about the costs here it seems like a bargain for us!! We have enjoyed a great apartment on Charcas with a 25 yes 25 meter swimming pool for just $US 1400 for the time. We live in Penticton BC and visitors pay on average $200 per night in summer with no long stay discounts. A bottle of wine (cheapest) runs on average $32 plus 10% liquor tax plus 5% VAT plus 15% tip if you ever want to go back!! Whenever we go out for an evening at home the bill is about $130 - 150 yet here we can go to a fine place for $ 40 to 60.
My wife is currently undergoing chemo for cancer and Sara arranged for her treatments to continue here. The protocal was exactly the same as in Canada and the cost was very reasonable.
As far as "Safety" goes we have now spent 5 weeks each year for 3 years in South America visiting Lima, Santiago, Vina Del Mar, Port A Monte, Bariloche, Mendoza (2) & Colon without any problems. We have travelled by air, overnight bus, ferry, subway, city buses, and taxi and the only problem was Air Canada losing half our luggage for 6 days on our arrival this year. I believe if one takes just a few common sense precautions it will negate a lot of problems.
We have located a great apartment for next year and hope to return for a least a couple of months.
We attended the Thai dinner and it was a great evening.
Take care everyone till next year.

Cliff & Sharon Bristow
Penticton, British Columbia, Canada
I'm glad that the British Hospital arrangement worked out, and that you enjoyed your vacation.

Look forward to meeting you when you return next year.