Gym membership


"schenderson" said:
I live in Belgrano, I would like to join a gym that has a swimming pool, does anybody know any?
I'm sure there are a lot throughout Capital but but the most comprehensive one that I know of, if you're willing to travel a bit 8.75 miles (14 Km), is in a 4-5 story Gym that belongs to Club Atletico Independiente on Mitre 470 in Avellaneda, they have a restaurant, a gym, a basketball court, and a HUGE swimming pool for speed swimming & diving in that one complex, plus other facilities elsewhere for other things like tennis, within the city. You can get more information here the site is also in English.


Go to Meglaton in Las Canitas. It cost 170pesos per month but you can get discounts if you pay by direct debit using a credit card, and you can use any other Meglaton gym.


schenderson, hi. As pedroC stated the MEGATLON en Las Canitas is very good. It is just 1/2 a block from where I live and I can vouch for how good it is. Good luck.