Gym recommendations in San Telmo?


Mar 2, 2010
I just moved into an apartment in San Telmo and have enjoyed running along the ecological preserve in nearby Puerto Madero but would also like to get in some weights. Any one have any suggestions for nearby gyms?
There's one directly opposite my building, Peru 425(ish).

No idea if it's any good. I went to a gym meet a mate for lunch.

I've lived in San Telmo a few times and one of the negatives is the lack of a good gym. I found about 5 mom and pop gyms, old, unmaintained equipment and crowded. Despite the previous post I am happily attending the Megatlon in Barrio Norte.

But for gyms in San Telmo:
Perú 467:

Chacabuco 1025

I was a member here for a month. Nice people but very cramped.

There is also one on Juan de Garay, maybe near Peru. It's on the second floor.

And I found another one on the other side of San Telmo (maybe not San Telmo)
Av Martin Garcia (maybe near Piedras)