Gyms in Las Cañitas


Nov 25, 2008
Hi, I'll be staying in Las Cañitas for 1 month. My cross streets are Baez and Eslovenia. Does anybody know of any gyms within walking distance and how much they charge per month? We don't need anything fancy, weights and cardio are all we really need.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!!

I go to one on Chenaut between Baez and Campos (2 blocks from you). I don't know what you do at the gym -- this one isn't great if you like bikes as they only have low-riders. But I do weights and cardio and it's fine. For just the weights and the use of the treadmills, low-riders, elliptical it's $80 pesos a month (this will go up in Jan I'm sure). For $110 you can get the above + spinning x 2 a week. They also have a full range of martial arts classes, baile arabe etc.

There's another gym on Soldado de la Independencia and Ortega y Gasset (about 3 blocks) -- I checked it out but it was tiny. There's also ones on Campos between Chenaut and Arevalo, and one on Matienzo at about Soldado de la Independencia. I don't know about these ones but you can walk by and see.

The biggest one in this end of Canitas is Magic Gym -- they have a huge range of aerobic machines, a large musculacion room, 3 tennis courts, and a pool (that's yucky and crowded in the summer, but if you don't have a pool it might be nice to have the option). I don't know what Magic's rates are now, a couple of years ago they were 100 pesos +, so I assume more, but I don't know what that included. Magic entrance is on Dorrego I think the cross is Huergo but I can't remember -- if you walk along Baez in the direction of Dorrego and hang a right, you'll eventually come to it.
La Imprenta is good, has cardio, machines and a pool. Good machines, new and plenty of them. Also does spinning classes and pilates if you want. Good prices for las canitas, and never overly busy. On miguelentes, near junction with gorostiaga.