Gyms/Yoga Studios in San Telmo Area


Feb 28, 2009
Hello all,

I am recently arrived to Argentina-- this is my third time living here, but my first time living in the San Telmo area. Can anyone recommend a good ("north-American" style) gym and/or a yoga studio in either San Telmo or Montserrat? It need not be fancy, but decent is hoped for.

I have done extensive on-line searching, and most of the well-known clubs favored by ex-pats (Megatlon, Le Parc, SportClub) do not, unfortunately, have sedes close to my apartment in San Telmo.

Many thanks,
I am new here not really sure of a lot of things but does anyone know where i can find yoga in san telmo more than once a wk.
I work at San Telmo, and there are some kind of "intention to be" a magazine and local newspapers with adds. Also the bakery and the supermarket have posts and flyers. I will check it out and you may try it as well.
I would like to add that I googled "yoga san telmo" and got a lot of places. Also searched in this site and imany threads showed up. I think you would prefer better an English speaking teacher, but that is my personal assumption.
Hola Jenn. I found a flyer with the following info:

- Alejandra
- 4362 7755 15 6 734 7938

And a nice speech in Spanish.