Had bad experience with temporary rental in PAlermo


Aug 28, 2009
Hi there,

Just wanted to share what I went through today when I did the check out from my temporary rent, here in Palermo.

I rented the place from the owner for three months. I posted on craigslist that I needed a place in Palermo and the owner approached me offering a place for $500. I ok the place and just ask her to include internet. She agreed. When I finally met her, the place was very dirty, the apartment was all carpeted and the carpet was all stained and ugly. Since I had already reserved the place and the location was very convenient for me I took it, and I warned the lady that I was going to take the place with the condition that if I found a more convenient I was going to resign the contract, again, she agreed.

I stayed for two months, I cleaned all the place, I even had the carpet steam washed. Ten days before having to pay the third month I found a better place, I notified the owners the very same day. They reluctantly agreed. When we finally met to do the check out they were totally rude. They totally disrespected me, they checked everything in a very in-polite way, even though the place looked hundred times cleaner than they gave to me. She even charged me for the door knob because according to her I damaged it. I explained it hadn't been my fault, that it was installation. The also tried to blame me for a heater that had the wire cut, and had to tell them that it was so old and badly repaired that I could have been killed over a fire caused by the damaged wired. It was the more stressful and disrespectful situation I have ever been through. I had to give them 300 pesos for them to stop the inquisition.

If you are going to rent a place in Palermo through craigslist contact me, I would not want anyone else to go through that awful situation.
Why you don´t tell us who this person is, and where is the apartment to avoid it!

In fact the owner has the right to ask you for the third month because it was stated in the contract, I never do that but most people do. On the other hand the owner has to do his work (come at once and have the carpet clean in a proper time) and the third point is the owner has no right to treat you in a bad way or in a disrespectful way...not at all. You could also put an ad on craigslist to show them that if they don`t do things well...they can have some bad news. I have a flat that I have been renting for 4 years and I never had a problem with tennants. All the best
Looks like she is trying to rent it for $799 now. I guess now that you cleaned it, the value is $300 more per month...
Hi, thank you for your inputs.

rihornos I totally agree with you. That's why when we signed the contract I was very clear with my situation, and they verbally agreed. I explained them I was planning to look for a non-temporary rental because I was planning to stay here in BsAs for several months. I clearly explained my situation.Actually, I was ready to negotiate about giving them half of the month, but they were so disrespectful that I did not bring the option up.

I also run a temporary rental and that's part of the risk of renting for short terms. I am not being exaggerated about considering this experience as one of the worst I have ever gone through, that's why I decided to take the time to share my situation. If things would have been good I would have also taken the time to write a nice review.

Hi Merlinova

Don`t worry there are good and bad people. But I think we can work honestly and give a good service that`s why I feel so bad when hear or read these problems and when I see people that are not professional because they are spoiling a nice business. But when you don`t know people well first try to stay one month to see how the owner is like (good idea) and try to stick to the contract just in case.... don`t let this bad experience spoil your holidays in Buenos Aires! in not so long it will be only a bad memory and if you still feel bad just put an ad on craiglist!
That's why I like CLEAR-CUT contracts, with every eventuallity stipulated, opt-outs every week, and a dash of common sense.

I really don't get scammers of any scale and nationality. Don't they care for the day after tomorrow? It is in one's best interest to be moral!
Sorry to hear you had a bad time.

On the plus side - I'd say you got away relatively lightly paying only 300 pesos. Plenty of landlords keep the whole deposit, knowing that you aren't going to be here long enough to fight them to get it back.

My name is Roger and I'm BARTS administrator.
I'm disappointed on this post for two reasons:
One is I truly know this transaction mentioned by the user never happened on that apartment. We have never rented that apartment for 2 or 3 months, but our link it's written on the post.
While Merlinova made reference about the owner only, we are not aware of this particular transaction. We offer customer protection to our clients, I'm not saying the post it's a tale, but I would like to have more information on this because we are serious about our business.
The second reason is, if this is actually true, I would be disappointed to the landlord for advertising for a cheaper rate that we are authorized to publish, and use our photos and website to do business that we are not aware of.

I would like to ask more information about this matter and please Merlinova, explain what your relationship with BARTS was.



Merlinova said:
I have mix feelings about doing something against this rude people but the fact is that us as expats should look after each other, so this is the link of the place:


I hope this can help someone not to go through what I did.
Hi Roger, I never mentioned BARTS as a mediator, as I explained in my post I was contacted ONLY by the owner.

I used the BARTS link just because it had been used by the owner to show the pictures of the place, other that I never had any kind of agreement or business with BARTS' guys.