hair salorn plastic surgeon, blues clubs


Mar 9, 2006
I would love to get the name of a really good salon/day spa, and check out the name for a plastic surgeon, a gal's gotta do.....
Also, are there any good blues clubs with dancing? No one knows like an Ex-pat! Thanks, Lisa
Lisa, I highly recommend Dra. Cristina Sciales, 4813-1438. Offices on Callao 1134. If you would like specifics just ask ::)). She also has a medical spa on Beruti that is very nice, no hair salon however.buena suerteSAM
For Spas:
Aquavita Medical Spa -- I haven't been but a friend went and she said it was ne of the best massages she's had here. They are in Recoleta approx. Arenales & Callao
Another friend just went to Evian Spa on Monday and he said the service was great -- both of these are listed in the Time Out Buenos Aires Guide. I think they are somewhere near the Jumbo near to Las Canitas -- I think they should come up on google.
For salons --
Staff Cerini was fantastic, you don't need an appointment -- there's about 20-30 colourists and then stylists etc, you can also get manicures and pedicures. They were able to match my colour perfectly with what I get at home. I believe their website is, but I think they are also in the TimeOut -- they are around Montevideo or Uruguay & Marcelo T Alvear.
Another hair salon that is supposed to be excellent is Barcelona, and yet another is New Station.
The best pedicure I've had yet was at Nail Designers -- they have multiple locations.
Have fun!