HALLOWEEN 2008 at Milion


Feb 7, 2007
Come celebrate Halloween at Milion this Friday, October 31 between 11pm
and 3am. If you haven't been to Milion, check out their website.
www.milion.com. ar It's the perfect place to have a Halloween party!!!
Special Halloween drinks will be served and there isn't a entrance
fee. Just come with your costume on and have fun! See you there!

Milion: Paraná 1048
last year the crowd was mixed, so it was a lot of fun. there were american, europeans and argentines celebrating their first halloween. the age range was mixed as well. come in costume!!! i'll post the halloween drinks that are going to be available during the week. see you all there. tell your friends!
make up a costume with things that you have around the house. you can be a soccer player, business person, someone that rolled out of bed (in pjs), anything, just be crafty.
The music is more urban, i'd say. i'm not really good at classifying. check out their website and they play music on it. that'll give you an example. but it's not a club, so the music won't be too loud. MILION
I found this great costume shop. They have a lot of variety to choose from. Mainly you rent the costumes there, but they also have items for purchase to complete your Halloween costume. Everyone come to MILION!!! It was amazing last year and it's the ideal place to go. You can't beat going to an old mansion offering Halloween themed cocktails and no entrance fee!!!!

Costume Shop:

Santa Fe 4854 (between Humboldt and Fitz Roy)
open between 10am to 8pm
Happy Halloween!

Come all to Milion tonight (between 11pm and 4am) to celebrate
Halloween and don't forget your costume!

Milion: Paraná 1048 (between Santa Fe and Marcelo T. de Alvear)
There are tons of low budget (a.k.a. "typical Argentine") costume shops on Lavalle between Junin and Pasteur.

They close at 7 or 8pm.
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