Handgun cleaning advice needed


An aging family member of mine, living in Capital, has two Colt 45 handguns that need cleaning (legal with all paperwork in order) .

He thinks they have not been fired in about 20 years since his days at the local gun club and the guns themselves are about 30 years old.

ideally we are looking for someone to come on site and clean the guns for him.

Any advice from those of you experienced in this would be much appreciated.

please send me a PM if you yourself are interested/qualified or know someone who is.

The pay is in dollars. :)
Hi! My name is Dave Joseffer, and I am becoming an expat on Sept. 16, when I arrive in Bs. As. to spend the rest of my retirement. I can help you with your project to get the .45's cleaned. I'm a "pistolero" here in the US,having just sold my guns in order to emigrate. If you are interested please send me an email. I have a temp. apartment waiting for me until I can find one I like well enough to sign a lease, but it will take me a few days to get a cell phone, etc., and a few weeks after I arrive to get my DNI.

Do you have cleaning supplies? You will need a bore brush for .45 cal (made of metal.... phosphor bronze preferred) bore cleaning oil, gun oil, patches or lots of pieces of clean soft cloth, a cleaning rod that will work with the patches or cloth, etc.

Are these pistols Colt-made or are they made in Argentina by Ballester-Molina?

Dave Joseffer


Hi Dave.
You should NOT get rid of your guns and bring the handguns (at leat) with you. A shotty is also welcome. No AR or semi-auto rifles though.

If you need any advise on the subject feel free to contact me.


Sad when people sell their guns to come here because here they're worth twice as much and we do not have many choices. You do.
I am only bringing in what I can carry in 4 suitcases. I think my shooting days are over anyway and if I decide to go back to perforating paper from a distance I'll buy a new one/used one. I never carried one here in Chicago for self defense (though god knows violent street crime is as much a local custom as the famous Chicago hot dog) Shoulder arms never really turned me on, but who knows? Maybe I'll go over to Tiro Federal and get inolved with a team or something. This will be more or less a homecoming for me, though it is a strange feeling to condense a whole life into a few suitcases! I would appreciate your guidance about re-arming myself in the future, so I'll stay in touch. I already sold my guns. What do you think of the local product from Ramos Mejia... the Bersa?



Wouldn't touch it with a laser pointer. Am an HK man.

A G17 is over U$D 1400 nowadays. I read that a new P226 will fetch 2k.