Hannukah Plans?


Nov 27, 2008
Hi all,

Anyone have plans for Hanukkah, starting tomorrow night? I'm not very religious, but I would like to go to services or light some candles. If there's enough interest, I could have a party at my apartment...

Last year, I went to a couple of Hanukkah events through Chabad...they had a big candle lighting ceremony at a park in Recoleta. I havent looked into anything yet, but I am sure there is something similar this year. Regardless, I would be interested in getting together with whoever is interested to light candles or whatnot. Let me know if you decide to do something!
hey laura,

for sure! i'm trying to organize something at CouchSurfing, too. I'll let you know more tomorrow, but that sounds like a great idea!

That menorah is in front of the statue of ARTIGAS (facing Av. del Libertador ~1700...).

Just an FYI.
Hey Laura,

I think I may wait for the Hanukkah party... but I'm definitely interested in going to Recoleta for the candle lighting! I'm sure they don't fire it up until 10 or so...
Hi Laura and anyone else who wants to come out...

I'm meeting up with some folks in front of the belles artes in recoleta at 9PM, and then we're going to walk to the candle lighting. My cell is 3347 9269 if you want to get in touch.

Hope to see you there!
Maybe this is a bit too late but this is going on in Beit Chabad Palermo tonight -


and this as well tonight, some bicycle/januka thing with lighting the candles at the end somewhere in a plaza in Belgrano

tomorrow eve, there's some kindof buffett through beit chabad in front of the big janukiya, in av. del libertador, you can find more details through the website www.jabad.org.ar

And this is happening Wednesday, asado/januka party -


Hope this helps! chag sameach! happy chanuka!

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