Happy Holidays! How do you celebrate?


Jul 17, 2009
We at the baexpats webteam would like to wish everyone Happy Holidays, whatever it is you may celebrate and how you plan to celebrate it!

We hope all of you enjoy your holidays in Argentina and combine traditions from your home country with Argentine customs. We´d love to hear about how you are celebrating, leave comments about how you celebrate in Argentina!
Thanks for the well wishes !
Unfortunately I wont be celebrating with anyone .
I will be alone , armed to the teeth, standing guard and watching over my property so that the messes of drunk squatters who decided to establish themselves in lots surrounding the perimiter of my property dont get brave in their pan dulce and cider induced violence and decide to come in over the wire and sack my property.
Happy fucking hollidays to all from someone who will not be celebrating
You really seem bitter in all your posts which makes me wonder whatever possesed you to purchase a place so far out in the middle of nowhere (70 km from downtown). Most would not live out that far for security reasons...