Happy New Year to you all!


Jun 6, 2005
On behalf of the entire team I want to wish everyone a healthy, safe and happy New Year! Thank you for participating in this forum and for sharing your insights and experiences with others. This year has been pretty eventful I'd say and we are looking forward to 2008. I hope that you will always be able to find here some advise, friends, a little excitement in your life or even a shoulder to cry on when you really need it :). After all that's what it's all about.

Hope everyone here has a good 2008!
Happy New Year to you to and to all the expats in BA who, I hope, will have a wonderful time tonight.
Maybe next NYE I will be there hosting a dinner and dance party for you all!
Hannah x
p.s. do you do the twelve grapes thing there? In Spain, when the clock strives before midnight, everyone eats a grape...one for each strike.
It has really been an eventful, colorful and exciting year for the senior members of this site.I enjoy every terrific moment of it. Thanks for the greetings, Igor. We are never boring here in this site, you can say that; and I love it just like the way it is, growing.
Hannah, we all look forward to welcoming you in BsAs.
2008 will be a blast!
Keep the love coming in. I hope you all enjoyed the free firework shows, and noone got burned.