Happy Thanksgiving Everybody!

I heard thanksgiving was not fested with the same happyness in all us american communities...especially in the turkeyish community ;o))
nikad said:
I wish you all a Happy Thanksgiving day, hope you enjoy it with the ones you love, here or in the distance.


It is 7.15 am and in a few minutes I will start with my turkey roasting operation, every year I try to do it a bit earlier to avoid roasting myself along with it ;) Thanksgiving in BA is not for the faint of heart =)


Happy thanksgiving!

You are right about the last thing!!

I was thinking, next year we could have the anti-Thanksgiving or the Reverse Xmas or something... Six months from the day of the holiday.

So, we can have anti-Thanksgiving in May! :D

Buen provecho.
Chickens make the sacrifice for my Thanksgiving dinner. Expecting American and Argentine friends. Trying to replicate with local ingrediants for my Porteno friends.

If nothing works out, we'll just drink the Champagne.

Happy Chicken Day!