Harry Potter!!!


Jun 16, 2011
hey! although i'm not a die-hard camp-outer and i might be a little embarrassed if you wear any type of costume/harry potter garb, i really really want to see the new movie either thursday or this weekend

problem is, where and when are they playing it in english? i can deal with spanish subtitles, but it appears that cinemark is only carrying it dubbed in spanish for now (at least they're the only listed showtimes), which just sounds like a fate worse than death...

anyone know/want to come?
Usually these first-run movies are in English with subtitles. Don't know the case of this one in particular.
It seems cinemark is only selling advanced tickets for the dubbed version but I have zero doubts that they will have the normal version as well at the same time. Village is selling advanced tickets for both english and spanish in 2d and 3d
Hoyts in Abasto has the 3D version with subtitles. No chance to buy good seats till the 20th though.

I'm organizing an outing to go wearing costumes and t-shirts hahhaa no no, none of it. Just a night out bcs they play it at 10pm or after midnight.