Has anyone had to renew there Police Report here


Jul 19, 2007
My Ministry of Justice report expires before I can get my FBI report back. Has anyone had to renew there report with th Ministry of Justice is there a easy way other then reapplying. Is it possible for them just to pull up your report and renew it for another 90 days. Thank Gary
The process of them just pulling up and renewing your report entails repeating the entire process if the report is more than 90 days old. Thanks for bring up the subject and reminding us that the reports "expire' (and will not be accepted by migraciones) after 90 days.
Is this for a Visa renewal?

I use an attorney for renewals who sends me to the police office at Tucuman 1353, across from Tribunales. They charge you a fee, take your fingerprints, and produce a report in some hours-to-days, depending on which fee you choose to pay. It's one of the rare government offices I've seen here that doesn't have huge lines out the door.
Definitely get it done on Tucuman, there is a number you can call for an appointment. I was in and out in less than half an hour and collected the report the next day (as opposed to the numerous visits and many hours it took the first time in Migraciones)
You can also go to the office on Piedras (near Av de Mayo) that does it all very quickly (next day service). I got my first one at migraciones with less than a half hour spent waiting in line (twice for less than 15 minutes), but I was lucky...(I also had to go to the bank and pay the fee).