Has anyone seen Crest Sensitive toothpaste?


Mar 21, 2009
For about eight years I relied on friends to bring me tubes of Crest Sensitive toothpaste when there was no alternative product to buy here. Two years ago Colgate Sensitive showed up, and last year Crest appeared on Coto shelves. It was cheaper here than the USA price of $4.25+ It seems to have been taken off the market. I bought Aquafresh Sensitive toothpaste this month, but I'd like to stock up on Crest Sensitive if it's around the city.
I would suggest some of the larger drug stores like, Selma... Zona Vital or even Jumbo's....I will look our next trip out and let you know...seems I saw it at the Coto's on Libertador...across from the Tren de La Costa....

I do think that Colgate has the "in" here...seems they got the contract for importing.
I just saw Crest Sensitive at the Carrefour (S.Ortiz 3128 and Cabello?) near Las Heras Park. Now is "Precios Locos" time at Carrefour.

Looking at my receipt I didn't seem to get the Crazy Price. Do you have to give them a membership card or something?
Okay...no Crest Sensitive...but the Coto's on Libertador, across from Tren de La Costa...has a very large selection of 2 types of Colgate Sensitive...front of the store near the check out stands...

**not sure where you are living, and if this is a convenient location for you...in Zona Norte