Hashing in Buenos Airies


May 24, 2009
For those who are bored, want to do something a little different, and at the same time meet people of all ages, and all nationalities (well, OK, we don't have any Welsh! (yet!!!!)), then why not come along to the First Buenos Airies Hash House Harriers Event of the New Decade.

It takes place this Sunday, January 3rd, and there is a thread on the Events Forum giving time and location details.

If you are unsure what hashing is all about, it is known as "The Drinking Club with A Running problem". Basically we meet up, and some people (the hares) have run ahead and set a trail for the rest (the pack) to follow. Now, you can run hard, be athletic, or you can plod along, even walk, the trail caters for all sorts, and everyone is welcome, from 2 to 92. Its non-competitive, a fun way to see the place, and once the running/walking is over, we all settle down, enjoy a few beers, a bite to eat (hence the small charge), and swop tales and jokes, and make friends - some you will have for life! If you are not careful you might well get a down-down, but i won't explain that to the uninitiated, you will just have to come along to see for yourselves.

Seriously - it's not serious - It's fun, and as I say, a great way to meet people. If you are travelling around, you are likely to find Hash House Harriers in most major cities around the world, and even some very remote places have kennels (the name given to a local hash). So, come along, give it a try, you will return.....

This weeks is Sunday, Jan 3rd, in the City Centre, meeting at 11 am, for an 11.30 run, Corner of Esmeralda and Arenales (near the fountain on the corner), and just bring aloing a drinking vessel, a plate, a fork, a few pesos ($15), yourselves, and dress for a little trot around the city....

What better way to blow away the New Year Blues (or hangover!).....

On On
Just thought I'd pop it back to the top in case anyone was interested in coming along on Sunday :)
Thanks for this. I know they are grand. When I lived in China (would you believe - we had a hash club) I loved it. Circumstances permitting on a Sunday morn - I will join in! Thanks for the good info mate!
I might participate if I can get up early enough lol!!
Wish they had one in Mendoza!

I lived in Oman for 2 years, and it was wonderful to be a part of that.