Hate North Americans?


Apr 7, 2008
Hate North Americans?
I have noticed on this forum that many describe a hate towards North Americans from the Argentines. I have also heard that the reason could be the crazy president and his wars the US had before Obama, but I have a hard time beliveing that could be the reason. So why does some Argentines hate North Americans? is it becasue they feel inferior to them? are they jealous? come on give us the truth about this.
I have the absolute opposite experience. Anytime I find myself in conversation with Argentineans they are thrilled that someone from North America chooses to live here. Like all humans, Argentineans love what social psychologists call "good strokes" - in this case, a validation that their culture has worldwide appeal. I'm more than happy to oblige their questions about why I choose to live in Argentina and what I love about it here, and they always leave delighted to have met a non-native who appreciates what the country has to offer. This spans gender and generation so I would have to say the haters are few and far between.
Imho, those who have negative feelings towards Americans do so because they are jealous: both are countries of immigrants, both have big territories with varied soil and weather, both in the same continent, one is the number one world potency, the other one is sc***d up. Guess who is who? But I would not say all Argentines hate Americans. The American stereotype is a very negative one ( overweight, ultra nationalist, cold feelings, drunk and uneducated ) and it certainly does not help
I do not find that Argentines hate US citizens or others maybe the Chileans a little bit. If you treat people with respect they will give you the same in return.

I believe in the USA there is much more antagonism to others from south of the border than here especially the immigrants from Central America. The same applies here with Paragayuans, Bolivians and Peruvians but I would not call it hate but more distress that the makeup of the fundamentaly white society is being diluted.

What Argentines value most are good manners and well dressed people and if you look European they will like you . I suggest though you do not eat on the streets walking as they consider this vulgar .
the hate is mainly focused on the US goverments (specially Bush administration) with their war-oriented politics, the financing of all the de facto dictators (here and in all latin america), the economical pressures, etc etc
i dont see hate towards the individuals or u.s. foreigners in general
Don't know if it's a North America thing... But as a Canadian living in BA, I find most people tend to warm up to me much faster once they find out I'm NOT American. A friend told me that some people here don't like American's because they feel American's profited BIG TIME from the collapse. American companies swooped in and bought most of the best real-estate at dirt cheap prices. The example given was The Hyatt Hotel. Plus, the president of the IMF at the time was an American.
Hey Argentines, leave hating the North Americans to the English please, we have the most reason. They exported their culture, politics and business ethics to us and we bought the whole shooting match. Now the UK is a miserable, aspirational, celebrity obsessed culture almost completely devoid of the buzz you find everywhere in BA.

I blame it on the fat people!
They hate us? I don't think so. They always treat me quite well. Of course, I've spent nearly half of my life learning/speaking Spanish, and more than a year trying to understand their perspective on life.

If anything, I think they love American culture more than I do. You won't see me drinking my coffee at Starbucks, eating my lunch at Burger King, or even wearing an American flag shirt -- yes, no joke; the other night at a club, I met a guy from Argentina wearing a shirt with the American flag on it. :confused:

Perhaps we're despised politically, but culturally it's a different story...