Have you been censored on BA Newcomers?


Nov 21, 2008
I find it ironic that Frank Sugar and Spice is complaining about censorship here at BA Expats when he has been the most censorious person ever on BA Newcomers. I also find the incredible irony that he best friend Yanqui Mike complains that this site does not moderate enough. There is some serious confusion here

Do you guys remember years ago when you could talk about Politics, Religion, and other interesting stuff on that forum and wam bam Frank took over and he moderated everything. Now it is a shadow of its former self with a boring feel about it. This guy below says the truth.

In BANewcomers@ yahoogroups. com, "chegringo57" <houstoib@.. .> wrote:
> Well well, well, ain't this ironic???
> Sorry Frank, you'll get no sympathy out of me. If you'll remember, I was also attacked publicly in a forum, and when I attempted to respond, I was also moderated/censored/ whatever you want to call it while others were allowed to continue attacking me while I was not permitted to respond. There was just a little difference in my story: It occurred here, at BANewcomers!
> Not only that, you WERE moderator at the time. When I was ridiculed and attacked by people who didn't know me, you assisted in my moderation and assisted in preventing my messages being posted here. This was roughly a year ago, so perhaps a search through the history shall refresh your memory. Of course, my responses are missing, as they were never posted.
> Furthermore, and more recently, you also assisted in the censoring, and BANNING, of Jerry; whose comments about Samuel in this forum were instigated by the EXACT same people moderating the forum which you are now being attacked. Yet, at that time, you were not moderator here, but spurred the discussion and sat idly by, doing nothing in support of Jerry's lambasting.
> So the same thing now happens to you in another forum. How convenient for us, perhaps now you know how it feels?
> Now if it only happened to John Richard the circle would be complete.
> * - ps - I have never participated in BAExpats, nor have I anything to do with the site. But perhaps now I shall....
The truth about Frank Almeida and Yanqui Mike is coming out . I have received many emails from members of BA newcomers who are too scared to speak publicly .
What Frank wants is just positive posts about Argentina his business or his friends business apparently . I looked at the thread that was closed down http://baexpats.org/food-drink/5353-food-review-sugar-spice-cookie-brownie.html

I understand that the first post was Grazie who is a long term member of BA expats . I understand her review was moderated initially for the reasons that BA expats did not want any problem with Frank . It is completely understandable if you understand the history these guys have gone through with these people. Last night I read that very scary site BA expatgroupwatch . It sounded like something out of the dark ages preaching damnation and punishment. And Frank has now come out publicly recommending this site in defense of his absurd claims of censorship.

Back to the thread above There are 33 replies and of those 4 replies are his giving him ample scope to give his position. I notice also the last reply is positive about his cookies and then it was closed. To now go on his blog and say that BA Expats is censoring comments and also in the same breath say that they are allowing negative comments that are suspicious to be posted . I looked at most of these negative comments and the majority of them are from well known members who hardly have any vested interest in causing trouble for him . For me its clear that if the BA expats moderators decide to close a thread it is their pregorative . Also 33 comments on a thread is hardly a small amount giving both sides their voice.

The cookie man hypocrisy is clear as a bell and is now being aired on the Banewcomers forum where he secretly has been moderating for many years. Most ex members and lots of current members are saying that anything negative about Argentina is rarely allowed to be posted . Negative comments about a restaurant or business are aired only if they deem to be allowed.
They do not believe in freedom of the press .
there s lots of censorship around ive been censored several times here myseld and some of the people with other names are not real. they only make comments to drive up the hit rate by causing controversy learn to live in the new controlled world
I don't think so many people over here at baexpats are also members over there at banewcomers. You may need to try to post that question over there to find that out.
I have been censored by BANecomers after making one post this morning. My second post in reply to Mr Almeida did not get approved.

I appreciate a response Frank and BA Newcomers moderators.. Thank you

1. Your remark about BA Expats being scammers and crooks . Will you accept responsibility for making a libelous comment publicly to all of BA newcomers ?
2. I deleted one post of yours of a thread that had 33 replies and was decided to be closed by me as it was becoming negative and it had already ran its course. 33 replies is a fair amount of replies and it is a balanced thread with 4 replies from yourself. In regards to Harry P or other members that you dislike on our forum . What do you suggest we do Mr Almeida ban them?
3. You are completely free to post on our forum and have never been banned. Our system has a automatic moderator that Igor has set up . As you are well aware he is in hospital after being seriously ill and he is the only person who can change the system. In regards to moderated comments most 98 percent are free to be published. We have only stopped one comment of yours . Is this unreasonable?
4. Our forum does not track all our members . What do you suggest that we do ask people for their full names and DNI numbers?
5. Are you going to accept responsibility for the comments on BAexpatgroupwatch that you heartily endorsed to all your members yesterday. Those comments were carefully outlined in my last email to your group. Please accept responsibility for your endorsement of this hate filled site.
6.Do you expect us not to post negative comments about restaurants or businesses on our forum ?. It seems that is what you asking for
many of my posts have failed to appear on baexpats. quite a few! recently, i posted on a thread entitled "Are you happy here." The moderator, without giving me any reasons what offense I caused decided to not post my comments. I said i was not happy here and gave specific reasons why. apparently, the moderator didnt want to hear and decided to stand in the way of others hearing. I think my comments were on topic and related to my personal first hand experience only.

i can provide other examples. In fact, i know of specific cases where someone had 2 or 3 ids banned, again without any explanation. Well, I wasnt going to get involved and comment, but since someone asked, heres my answer. Please dont censor with such a heavy hand!
Thank you for your reply Winston

I understand completely your frustation and I do know who you are and like you as a person. I have helped you and believe that you are misunderstood.
The problems with some of peoples post including mine is relating to flagging. If many members complain about your post because it is very negative about Argentina or the Argentine people its hard to allow it to be published.

There are laws in each country defamation of people is one of them and if I say Argentines are the worlds most dirtiest people Im sure that this comment will be disallowed and rightly so. Being balanced in your comments is important and that will stop your posts being reported by other members.

Hope that helps. Good luck
There seems to have been quite a bit of this going on recently. It seems at least two contributors to this forum (HDM and Bianca) have had enough and left and BlahBlah and several others seem to have had posts deleted. I have noticed several old threads and posts have disappeared too including harryp's last comment in the cookie war which was not offensive at all and was allowed to stay up for at least several days. I don't understand what Frank's problem is, he was allowed to respond to every criticism made in that thread (nor SilverStar who had a great run of free promotion of his business here and received nothing but praise but is now complaining about his treatment on other pages) but this revisiting and revision of threads will only serve to make their whining jusified in the eyes of some. I would hate to see this forum turn into the very Orwellian paradise that Mike so wishes it to be. Could someone please explain before other productive and intelligent contributors sign off?
Moxon thanks for your comments . There was a problem with the automatic moderator that has been sorted out and many comments that were waiting approval have been approved. We appreciate very much your contributions here at BA expats and hope that they will continue.

Unfortunately I was pressured to delete comments about Harryp because they were deemed to be very negative.
Mr Frank Almeida asked to know who this member was and also other members who have been saying negative comments about his cookies . I ask again to them if we should ask for members full names and DNI numbers as this is what him and Yanqui Mike have written about on the site BA expatgroupwatch.

People who post here should be able to do so with privacy and without fear . This goes to the heart of the topic which was covered in the other thread . http://baexpats.org/newcomers-forum/5531-will-real-bullies-please-stand-up.html
The 'issues' with this forum that Mike gets himself into an apoplectic lather about are the 'issues' of all forums on the internet: anonymity, trolls, disagreements over moderation etc. Like Frank and SilverStar, I don't understand what Mike's problem is either.

Thanks for the explanation Pericles. I'm not about to leave, I did have a run in with that automatic moderator some months ago (I'm not sure why) but my posts came up eventually, I would just hate to think that if this happened to other newer members they might believe the rubbish Mike is peddling and go elsewhere.