Heads up for those going to renew their tourist visa


Aug 5, 2010
Hey, just wanted to give a heads up to those looking to renew their tourist visa at migraciones. 1. Make sure you get there between 7 and 9 am to get a number (they only serve 80 people). 2. Bring pesos (100 pesos for non US and 300 pesos for US) and 3. Either go to Colonia instead if you're from the US because the wait is long and expensive OR bring a book! But seriously, get there early in the morning. Take care.
I wandered in last week at about 12:30pm and was seen in under 15 minutes.

Maybe I was extremely lucky.

Remember to take a photocopy of your information (photo) page of your passport and the page with the most recent entry stamp on.

And yes, 300 pesos cash for all non-mercosur, not just Yanks. Remember it otherwise you will find yourself having a quick jog to the Buquebus terminal (nearest ATM); they do not take cards in migraciones.