Heads up on a (probable) apartment scam


We contacted someone about an apartment on Pueyrredón, and got back an extensive email about how the owner was not in B.A. but that a company called international letting was handling the rental and that we should send her our info, she would send it to the comapny, they would mail us the contract, we would mail it back to them with money, and then they would send us the keys. We'd then have 15 days to inspect the apartment and would could return the keys and get our money if we wanted.

Shady, right, but Letting International - http://www.lettinginternational.com/ is a reputable and well known company. Problem is that they are sending you to International Letting - http://www.intlett.co.uk, which only registered it's domain in December. (Just an FYI, for anyone that feels a site they are visiting might be a scam, you can check the domain registration date/activity by visiting http://www.whois.net/).

So watch out. It's not a craigslist thing either, found the listing on enbuenosaires.com.


I might not have understood the process, but I'd be very wary of giving money before inspecting a place, irrespective of their website.

French jurist

There's an infamous apartment on Pueyrredon (!!).

As for intlett, read their "about us" page :
International Letting Limited is an independent Letting Agency based in London, United Kingdom founded fourteen years ago, and are pleased to offer only quality residential apartments and houses. We refuse to make contracts with apartment with legal issues or any king of problems.

is/are + king of problems (lol).

You need to run away imho.

Anyway sending the keys by mail is so smellish!


that REEKS of a scam. There is no way I'd ever *mail* money here. Ever. End of story. And yea, haha, as FJ points out there is one famous apartment for rent on Puyerredon, wouldn't surprise me if the king of problems is involved here.


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Hey, FJ how are the tomatoes doing. Is the crop coming in?
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The more you think about it, the more it's interesting.
This "agency" http://www.intlett.co.uk/
pretends to run an on-street shop (notice the photoshop tried to let think
there's actually an advertisement sign about the shop)

And in the "contact us", there's only an email adress.

The reference to Arla (professional association) seems odd (this company does not appear in the association's members directory as stated above).

There are blatant spelling mistakes (non native in English but knowing the language anyway).

If they send the keys, they have to be in BA (therefore it's very likely an Argentinean behind the site : hence the spelling mistakes).

Maybe there's in fact only one or two appartments to rent (one being supposedely on Pueyrredon?!).

Then why hiding the apartment + address in the first place?! (past problems?)

Sometimes there are coincidences though, this one is... interesting